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Longxingtianxia - Angola economic winter how to pick up?

In recent years, in order to help Chinese enterprises to "go out", open up the international market, look for opportunities and directions. At the Davos forum, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that China will promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and vigorously promote the "The Belt and Road construction, encourage China enterprises especially outstanding SMEs" going out".


China hyway group construction of the southern Angola trunk railway officially completed

By October 30th, China hyway group construction of the Angola railway in Des Mo Mei sang, completed a two-year warranty period of maintenance and operation support, the Angola government officially delivered. Angolas transport minister Thomas, on behalf of the local government, as well as the construction of Party Chinese hyway Group Chairman Liu Daiwen, vice president Wei Ruihai and Mo des railway team Mei sang hundreds of people attended the inaugural ceremony held in Angola in the southern city of Lubango.


Chinese hyway Group Co. Ltd., Tianjin Limited by Share Ltd, the first half of 2017 European Bowie wo

In August 20, 2017, China hyway Group Co. Ltd., Tianjin Limited by Share Ltd, the first half of 2017 the European Bowie work conference in Tianjin was held at the hotel.


The new project award and foundation ceremony in Angola of China Hao Yuan Group Co., Ltd. is held in

In July 10, 2017, railway line project of Luanda New International Airport Chinese hyway Group Co., Ltd and Tianjin European Limited by Share Ltd joint venture general contracting Bowie and Luanda multifunctional station project award and the ceremony were held in the KAPALANGA train station of Luanda railway and the new international airport.


Angola Leijun Construction Co. Ltd. donated box classroom for pictures of school

June 27, 2017, invited by the provincial government executive Angola Willard, Leijun Construction Company Limited Deputy General Manager, deputy general manager of real Chang Lu Xue Zhongchun attended by the provincial government and Willard (Municipio de Caconda of coffee oink) sponsored by the municipal government of Central Primary School of container coffee oink, donation ceremony.


The hand of China has extended a helping hand to the victims of the wreck of Malaysia

January 28, 2017 lunar new year, a boat carrying 28 tourists Chinese yacht sank in the waters near the Malaysia Bazhou ring Sand Beach Island, killing 20 people were rescued, 4 people missing and 4 people were killed by the news Chinese hyway group (Malaysia) Co., a high degree of attention of the staff, and promptly lend a helping hand. Let the injured tourists in a foreign country to feel the affection and warmth.


Saudi branch is participating in the annual meeting of Chinese Enterprises Association

In January 22, 2017, the Saudi branch participated in the annual meeting of the economic and trade work of the Saudi Chinese enterprises and the annual meeting of the association of Saudi Chinese and Chinese enterprises in 2016.


Malaysia Bazhou sand six layer office building development projects Jinding on a happy occasion

In October 29th, Malaysia Bazhou sand six layer office building development projects completed ceremony was held at the project site, the engineering group company deputy general manager Li Jun, hyway group (Malaysia) Co., Ltd., project manager Li Zuohui Hongsheng Pte Ltd chairman CK LEE (owner), construction units, consultants, suppliers and representatives together attended the ceremony.


Hu Jiaming, vice president of the group, attended the second China Latin China infrastructure Cooper

In June 2, 2016, the second Sino Latin American infrastructure Cooperation Forum was held in Macao. Hu Jiaming, vice president of group company and Li Jun, vice president of Engineering Department, attended the forum.


China African chamber of Commerce, hand in hand to the six provinces of the headquarters, enters the

In June 6, 2016, the "Central China International capacity Cooperation Forum - Africa special forum" was held in Wuhan. Hu Jiaming, vice president of the group company, and Li Jun, deputy general manager of the engineering department, were invited to the forum.