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China Hyway Group Limited was registered in Hongkong with registered capital of 1.5 billion Hongkong dollar, which is a large diversified group engaged in EPC, resource development and trade, international trade, investment management consulting, etc.

China Hyway Group Limited is mainly engaged in international mineral resources, petroleum, natural gas, real estate and other major project investments as well as trade, EPC of international projects, etc. Major businesses in recent years are as follows:

Investment for exploration of iron mine, copper mine, gold mine, etc. in Africa; investment for exploration of tungsten, tin, copper, sylvine, etc. in Southeast Asia. Currently, the Company holds shares of Mongolia tungsten mine and American gold mine, and will grasp opportunity to develop; it negotiates and cooperates with local companies on trade of petroleum and natural gas in Angola and Nigeria.

It conducts development and construction of railway, highway, agriculture, forestry, real estate, petroleum pipeline, petroleum terminal, oil refining plant and other national key projects in Asia, Africa, Europe and America, Middle East, etc. in the means of investment, financing and other capital operations.

The Company invests in five-star hotels, office buildings as well as ecological health & old-age care industrial parks in Jiangsu, China.

China Hyway Group Limited establishes branches and offices in more than 10 countries and regions, such as Asia, Africa, Europe and America, Middle East and so on, and establishes long term cooperative partnership with enterprises at home and abroad.

The Company has nearly 20 project companies, subsidiaries and branches under direct management as well as more than 500 employees (including more than 200 professionals and more than 30 employees with intermediate or senior professional title); moreover, the Company employs specialists to act as senior consultants from various industries and fields, with annual production capacity of more than USD2 billion.