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Company profile:

China Hyway Group Limited is a large-scale diversified international group registered in Hong Kong with registration capital of 250,000,000 USD. Its main Business Scope is investment for the international mineral resources, petroleum, natural gas and real estate, trade and the international EPC general contracting of international construction projects. The following is the main businesses for the recent years:

The investments and explorations for the Gold mining in the US, the Iron mining in the Africa, the Tungsten ore in South-east Asia and the Copper mining in Namibia;

Negotiate with the local company for the cooperation of investment and exploration of the petroleum block in Namibia; cooperate with the local company to invest and explore the petroleum and natural gas block and make the trade of petroleum and natural gas in the Republic of Yemen;

Develop and construct the national key projects like railway, highway, agriculture, forestry, crude oil pipeline, oil dock and refinery etc. in Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Guinea, Yemen and Mexico through the great financing capacity;

Invest the five-star hotel and office building and the ecological health pension park in Jiangsu province, China;

There are branches and offices in over 10 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Meanwhile, China Hyway Group Limited has established long-standing partnerships with lots of domestic and oversea enterprises.

China Hyway Group Limited has 16 direct project companies, subsidiaries and branches, with more than 10,000 employees. There are more than 1,000 staffs in senior management, 3,000 technicians, among which there are more than 400 senior professionals with senior ranks, and we have hired a great number of prestigious experts as our consultants. Now the annual production capacity of our group can reach over 2 billion USD.