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Changchun Hongjian Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

   Changchun Hongjian Engineering Design Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It specializes in survey, design, consultation, project management and general contracting business of railways, highways, municipalities, rail transit, industrial and civil buildings.

   The company has a grade B in the highway industry (highway), a grade B in the Municipal Industry (road engineering, water supply engineering, drainage engineering, bridge engineering), the special grade B in landscape engineering design, and grade B in Engineering Survey (Geotechnical Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering) and engineering survey).

   The company has strong technical strength and rich engineering design capabilities. The company has more than 140 employees, including 12 senior engineers, over 120 engineers and assistant engineers. More senior experts have been invited to check the design results. During years of engineering design practice, the company has trained a group of experienced and conscientious professional managers.

   The company has more than 10 years of experience in the survey and design industry, established long-term cooperation with more than ten large domestic and international design units, completed or participated in a number of major projects: Angola mosan madez railway project, Luanda International Airport Railway Branch and five existing station reconstruction projects, Thailand Bangkok to hehe high speed railway project, Indonesia Jakarta To the WAN long high speed railway project, the interchange design of huhhte three ring road project, Changsha Xiang Fu Road rapid transformation project design, Tianshui to the three Yang Chuan city tunnel project, the mankan highway widening project and Luojia channel connecting road engineering design, and so on, in the survey and design industry has a certain competitiveness, and has been praised by many customers and has been supported.

   The company adheres to all from the actual needs of customers, pay attention to the concept of customer requirements, provide customers with high quality design and efficient service, with the intention to build the "macro construction design" brand reputation.