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Huaxi Dushi Bao December 20, 2014 the fourteenth edition

Shaanxi Daily, December 23, 2014, Fifteenth Edition

  On the discovery of criminals misappropriating or posing as China Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd. issued false employment information False hiring in Sichuan, Shaanxi and other foreign workers to foreign workers and cheat money event, China Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd. has been in the West China City News 2014 The fourteenth edition of December 20, the Shaanxi Daily, the fifteenth edition of December 23, 2014 and other media solemnly declare:

First, China Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd. Website: www.hyway-china.com, the company website published a year "on the vigilance of false employment warning information," Please majority of job seekers attention.

  Second, the China Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd. Administration and Human Resources (permanent office in Suzhou) Recruitment Tel: 0512-69228891,69228896; Division I only announced the landline number as a recruitment contact, never released a personal phone as a hiring phone. And China Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd. has never authorized any agency or individual to recruit staff.

  Third, China Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd. Only in the company's website, Zhaopin (www.zhaopin.com), civil excellence (www.tmjob88.com), hunting network (www.liepin.com), Chinese foreign language talent network (Http://www.jobeast.com), except for the above channels, if any online publication is a third party privately link or reprint forwarding, non-Division I and the true intentions, please note the job screening, Beware of being cheated.

Fourth, China Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd. recruitment interview site is limited to the following three office locations:

  1. Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City, Shen Chunshu Road 393, Lotte Building, 11th floor;

  2. Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone No. 35 Second Avenue Ginza Building, Room 701;

  3. Beijing Fortune Center, No.7 East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 3501B

  V. Please note when applying for job candidates to check the above information, do not believe in other agencies and individuals issued by the recruitment information, do not listen to other phone or phone issued by the recruitment notice to prevent fraud.

  VI. Our company has invited Legal Counsel "Jiangsu Tianzhe Law Firm" to pay close attention to the incident. Once other websites, units or individuals issue false employment information on behalf of China Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd., they will be investigated for legal responsibility. Job seekers found that false employment information should be promptly reported to China Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd. (Tel: 0512-69228891 ext 832,837) and the local police to the police.

Hereby declare

December 28, 2014