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Recruitment Information

Huaxi Dushi Bao December 20, 2014 the fourteenth edition

Shaanxi Daily, December 23, 2014, Fifteenth Edition

 WHEREAS criminals embezzled and passed off as China Hyway Group Limited to release false recruitment information in Sichuan, Shaanxi, etc. to recruit  service technicians to work at abroad without permission and defraud them, China Hyway Group Limited  hereby solemnly declared in Huaxi Metro Newspaper (December 20, 2014, 14th Edition), Shaanxi Daily Newspaper (December 23, 2014, 15th Edition), etc.:
  Ⅰ. Website of China Hyway Group Limited: www.hyway-china.com Warning Statement on Caution of False Recruitment Information is issued on the website throughout the year, please be noticed.
  Ⅱ. Recruitment contact number of the Human Resource Department (permanent office in Tianjin) of China Hyway Group Limited: 86-022-66224855/66224859; the above-mentioned number is the only recruitment contact number of the Company, rather than any personal phone number.  Moreover, China Hyway Group Limited never authorizes any institution or individual to act as a recruiter.
  Ⅲ. China Hyway Group Limited only issues recruitment information in the website of the Company, Zhaopin(www.zhaopin.com), Tmjob88 (www.tmjob88.com), Liepin (www.liepin.com), Jobeast (http://www.jobeast.com) and 51job (www.51job.com). Any recruitment information issued in other websites shall be private link of the third party or reproduced information, rather than the purpose or real willingness of our company. Please screen and identify the information and guard against defraud.
    IV. Interview addresses of China Hyway Group Limited shall be the following two offices:

   1.TEDA MSD-G2 Building-F15,57,Second Avenue, Tianjin Economic and Technology Development Area

    2. 3501B, Beijing Fortune Plaza, No. 7, East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    V. Job seekers shall verify the above-mentioned information when seeking jobs, be aware of recruitment information issued by other institution or individual, or notification from other contact number or phone number and guard against defraud.
    VI. China Hyway Group Limited has entrusted legal counsel service unit Jiangsu Q Plus Law Firm to focus on this incident. And the Company will pursue legal action against other websites, units or individuals which issue false recruitment information in the name of the Company. Job seekers shall immediately report to China Hyway Group Limited in case of any false recruitment information (contact number: 86-022-66224855/66224859) and call the police of local  public security organ. 
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