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Chinas far-reaching group of southern Angolas construction of the main rail railway

  On October 30, Mohamed Maas Metro in Angola, which was constructed by China Haoyuan Group, was officially handed over to the Angolan government after completing its two-year warranty and operation support.

  October 30 Mozambique Railway Bureau Secretary Jim Pa Xie (left) and China Haoyuan Group Chairman Liu Dai-wen (right) exchange interdependent documents

  Mozambique railway is located in southern Angola, west of the port city of Namibe, east of Menongue, plus two branches, a total length of 1003 km, is the southern main Trans-Andean main line, connecting the two southern Angola Important iron ore district. The railway was originally built by the Portuguese during the colonial era and was almost completely destroyed due to the disrepair and war damage. China Haoyuan Group Mohan Medes railway project lasted nearly 10 years, in addition to the total length of 1003 km of the railway, but also built 56 train stations.

  On September 11, 2015, Mocamedes successfully completed its initial delivery and entered a two-year warranty. During this period, Hao Yuan Group completed the railway operation support, personnel training and maintenance of the railway line.

The picture shows the Lubango train station on the Mozambique rail line taken on September 11, 2015

  During the trial operation, the State Secretary of the Transport Sector of the Republic of Angola and officials of the Railway Administration took a train. An official placed a cup filled with water on the carriage table and requested that the speed of the train should be raised to over 110 kilometers per hour. The design speed of the railway For 100 kilometers. However, the water did not shed a drop of applause from the carriage.

  After the final delivery, China Haoyuan Group also secured a contract for maintenance of the Mozambique Railway, will assume a five-year operation and maintenance, continue to train personnel and provide operational support for Angola.

  Angolan Transport Minister Thomas said at the ceremony that the smooth completion and delivery of the railway project is a very important part of the three-dimensional traffic planning and construction in Angola and will greatly improve the traffic and transportation along the route and help diversify Angola's economy .

Mohan Medes Metro in southern Angola built by China Haoyuan Group