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Longxingtianxia - Angola economic winter how to pick up?

   In recent years, in order to help Chinese enterprises to "go out", open up the international market, look for opportunities and directions. At the Davos forum, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that China will promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and vigorously promote the "The Belt and Road construction, encourage China enterprises especially outstanding SMEs" going out".

   However, in recent years, although the state is encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises to go out, but as a private sector of infrastructure, they are still faced with the problem of competition with large state-owned enterprises.

Facing the complicated and strict new situation, how will small and medium-sized enterprises break through the heavy encirclement and strive for more living space in the competitive environment of state-owned enterprises?


   Angola was originally called the Portuguese West Africa, which was originally the most economical and richest colony in Portugal. Angola unique location, in South Africa, and West hub location, the future through the Lobito corridor, leading to Eastern India ocean.

It was in 2002 that the 27 year civil war had finally ended. After that, it began a long and massive post-war reconstruction.


   In southern Angola, Mo des Mei sang like a railway steel dragon, meandering 876 km across Namibe, Willa and wide dome Bangor provinces, China private enterprises hyway group construction of Mo des Mei sang railway overhaul engineering before the successful completion of the railway, to become the transportation artery of annam.

   However, when the construction was completed in 2012 and opened to traffic, there were 35 stations on the whole line. Due to the lack of funds to buy trains and civil wars in the decades of civil war, many stations were still empty and cold.

   As oil prices went through the cold winter, Angola's economy suffered heavy losses. Frequent public security problems and corruption caused more and more foreign investors to lose confidence in Angola and abandon the golden treasure they had previously thought.

In Angola, it can rely on what to open a new situation? Is the oil resources that will eventually be depleted? China government infrastructure projects or tens of billions of loans, starting from the bottom of training? China investors in Angola, in this environment, how to settle down?

Hongkong Phoenix TV station Chinese longxingtianxia program aired on October 29th interview program, please watch.