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China hyway group construction of the southern Angola trunk railway officially completed

   By October 30th, China hyway group construction of the Angola railway in Des Mo Mei sang, completed a two-year warranty period of maintenance and operation support, the Angola government officially delivered. Angola's transport minister Thomas, on behalf of the local government, as well as the construction of Party Chinese hyway Group Chairman Liu Daiwen, vice president Wei Ruihai and Mo des railway team Mei sang hundreds of people attended the inaugural ceremony held in Angola in the southern city of Lubango.

October 30th Secretary Mo des Mei sang Railway Bureau Jipaxie (left) and China hyway Group Chairman Liu Daiwen (right) swap file

   Mei sang Mo des railway is located in the south of Angola, West from the port city of Namibe, east of Menongue, with two branches, a total length of 1003 kilometers, is Angola south across the main line, connecting the two important iron ore district in southern Angola. The railway was originally built by the Portuguese in the colonial period, and it was almost completely destroyed because of its years of disrepair and war destruction. Chinese hyway group Mo des Mei sang railway project lasted nearly ten years, in addition to the total mileage of 1003 km of railway, also has 56 train stations.

   In September 11, 2015, Mo des smoothly early completion of Mei sang railway, into a two-year warranty period. During this period, Hao Yuan group completed the railway operation support, personnel training and railway line maintenance and guarantee.

Pictured September 11, 2015 shooting of Mo Mei sang des railway line in Lubango train station

   During the trial operation, the Angola Department of Transportation Secretary of state and the Railway Bureau officials take the train, Angola officials put a glass full of water in the compartment on the table, and requested that the train speed increase to more than 110 kilometers per hour, the design speed of the railway is 100 kilometers. However, the water did not spill a drop, and there was a sound of applause in the car.

   After the final completion, Chinese hyway group also got the Mo contract maintenance of railway maintenance will bear Mei sang Fernandez, for a period of 5 years of operation, Angola continue to provide operational support and personnel training.

   Angola's transport minister Thomas said at the ceremony, the railway project successfully completed and put into use, is a very important part of Angola transportation planning and construction, will greatly improve the transportation condition along the line, Angola boost economic development and diversification.

Chinese hyway group construction of the Angola Southern Railway Mo Mei sang.