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The new project award and foundation ceremony in Angola of China Hao Yuan Group Co., Ltd. is held in

   In July 10, 2017, railway line project of Luanda New International Airport Chinese hyway Group Co., Ltd and Tianjin European Limited by Share Ltd joint venture general contracting Bowie and Luanda multifunctional station project award and the ceremony were held in the KAPALANGA train station of Luanda railway and the new international airport.

   Angola's Communications Minister Augusto Da Silva Tom s Higino Carneiro, the governor of Luanda Province, Railway Research Institute Joaquim Lio J case China Angola lead, bank Luanda branch Liu Jianzhong, China hyway Group Limited company chairman Liu Dioan, China hyway group company vice president Wei Ruihai, an executive Leijun Construction Company Limited Deputy General Manager of real Chang Lu and other leaders attended the award ceremony and. Many news media, such as Angola and China, were interviewed on the scene.

   China hyway Group Co., Ltd and Tianjin European Union Bowie Limited by Share Ltd as the general contractor of the project two, to organize construction, survey and design. The project includes the roadbed, bridges, rail, communication, signal, power, building, electrical and mechanical equipment procurement and installation work. The New International Airport Railway Sub line project is connected by the Luanda BAIA station to Luanda New International Airport. The total length of the branch line is 15 km, of which 7.5 km is the extension of the railway double track, the 7.5 km is the double track railway line, the New International Airport Station is built, and two new bridges are built. The five multi-function station project is the key transport hub connecting Bungo to the Luanda New International Airport in Angola. After the completion of the various multi-functional stations, it will become a comprehensive center hub for business, parking, bus stop and taxi waiting area. The two owner of the project is the Angola Ministry of communications, the project investment is used by the Bank of China to Angola to provide the buyer's credit.

   Transport minister Augusto Da Silva Tom s, said the two after the completion of the project will greatly improve the capital of passenger and freight transport capacity, to solve the existing traffic problems fundamentally, Luanda rail transportation will be more convenient, to promote Luanda's economic growth will play a positive role in promoting.

(a cordial exchange between the Minister of Angola's Ministry of communications and the leadership of the group company)

(the governor of Luanda province and the leader of the group company handshake)

(the chairman of the chairman of the group, Liu Daiwen, signed the starting order with the president of the Angola Railway Research Institute)

                            (activity scene)

                          (activity scene)

                             (activity scene)

   (group company chairman Liu Daiwen and part of the staff photo)